Lunettes pour écoliers

Lunettes pour écoliers

Projet PHARE 2015/2019

Depuis 2015, Aide Au Vietnam participe à un nouveau programme du CFSOC : « Lunettes pour les écoliers » étant en primaire et en secondaire, issus de familles démunies.


En plus, les parents de ces enfants n’ont souvent pas le temps pour s’occuper de leur santé, e.a. aussi des erreurs de réfraction jamais diagnostiqués et forcément pas traités.


L’équipe du CFSOC se déplace donc à leurs écoles pour faire les tests individuels et par la suite pour la distribution des lunettes.


Avec le financement de 35.712,00 € pour 4.482 paires de lunettes (12,00 €  la paire) ont pu être distribuées à la fin 2018 aux écoliers dans le sud du Vietnam.


En plus, 1.004 paires de lunettes de lecture ont été distribuées gratuitement aux personnes âgées pauvres.


Cheffe de projet, pour le Conseil d'Administration - Projet Phare 2015/2019 - Le 10 septembre 2015.

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As the improved School Health Program introduced by the Ministries of Health and Education took hold, the need to give care to children found to have refractive errors has dramatically increased.


While most families can buy their children corrective spectacles, such a simple solution to refractive errors is inabordable to those living in remote and poorer districts. 


For years, with generous support from such donors as Aide Au Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh Eye Hospital has been able to help these kids get the much-needed optical intervention so that they can attend all school activities like any other kids. 


This year, we are going to ask Aide Au Vietnam once again to assist us bring help to these underprivileged children, especially those from remote districts in Ho Chi Minh City as well as from the outlying districts of other provinces.





Goal: by providing free spectacles, to help poor students suffering from uncorrected refractive errors who cannot afford optical correction gain good eyesight

Aim: to provide 1,500 pairs of glasses free of charge


Place: the project is to be implemented in poorer districts in HCMC, Ben Tre, Dong Nai, Long An, Tay Ninh


Time: January to December 2018

Eligibility criteria: primary school students, i.e. first to fifth grades, who have failed vision test AND are from poor families. Eligible students are to be selected by their respective schools.




First half 0f 2018—Preparation work—September and October 2018

Vision screening at schools (by professional medical teams and within the school health program).


Shortlisting those who have failed screening test, and then selecting those from poor families

Refracting selected children at the schools (2 schools per district) most convenient for the children. A stock of frames is displayed on site for the students to choose from.


Spectacles are cut to individual measurements and assembled on to chosen frames at optics shops. This is done at home base shops in HCMC.

Completed glasses are delivered to schools within 1-2 weeks in a small ceremony held by district education boards. The project must be finished by the end of 


December, before the first term examination of the academic year. Quality control: supplier(s) must provide sample frames for approval by HCMC Eye Hospital and for the purpose of reference should a dispute arises over quality of frames and/or spectacles. All glasses have a 6-month guarantee against defects or workmanship errors.


Budget estimates : (*) The total estimated budget is equivalent to €15,464.00 at the time of writing.

Activities Qty Unit cost in VND Total in VND
Training school officials and other personnel involved in the project5 districts
Refraction trips at schools: work-space preparation, petrol, per diem, etc. 10 sites
Cost of frames and spectacle, including labor cost 1,500 230,000
Administrative cost for schools to organize project activities 50 500,00025,000,000
Banner to be hang at the schools 5
Glasses handing ceremonies 5

Chef de projet, pour le Conseil d’Administration - 10 septembre 2015.

BGLLLULL – IBAN LU13 0030 0808 6497 0000 
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